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Version: 2.11.X

Log Retention

Retention Period within Audit Viewer

Logs visible within Audit Viewer are subject to a 30-day lifecycle retention policy to ensure consistent and speedy system performance.

Any audit logs within a current 30-day rolling window are accessible and viewable within Audit Viewer.

Any logs that are older than the 30-day window are removed from Audit Viewer.

Audit Logs in Kafka

When Cogynt logs user actions, these logs also are sent to the Kafka clusters stored under the _cogynt_audit_log topic.

If a user is required to locate and view any Cogynt audit logs that are older than the active 30-day period of Audit Viewer, the user should consume the messages from the _cogynt_audit_log Kafka topic.


Currently, there is no retention period set for this Kafka topic by default.

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