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Version: 2.11.X

Accessing Audit Viewer

There are two ways to access the Audit Viewer application.

Via the Application Switcher

After logging in to Cogynt's User Management or Workstation application, Audit Viewer can be reached using the application switcher.

To access Audit Viewer via the application switcher:

  1. On the bottom-left of the screen, click the Application Switcher icon.
  2. In the application switcher panel, click Audit Viewer.

Via Direct URL

If the correct permissions for the application have been enabled, the Audit Viewer application can be reached by accessing the URL directly.


Unauthorized access to the URL loads an empty workspace, and the contents of the Audit Viewer application do not fully load.

The URL for the Audit Viewer application uses the syntax https://audit-[environment].[domain_name].[domain_suffix], where:

  • [environment] is the cluster to access. Customers may have access to different clusters (such as development, staging, production).
  • [domain name] is the customer's domain (for example, cogility).
  • [domain suffix] is the customer's domain suffix (for instance, com, io, org).


Consider the following hypothetical scenario:

  • The production cluster is named prod.
  • The customer's domain is named example.
  • The customer's domain suffix is com.

Given this information, navigating to accesses the User Management application in the production environment.

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