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Version: 2.13.X

Data Management Tool User Guide

  1. Uploading Data Files to Cogynt
  2. Entering Data Manually in Cogynt
  3. Using Cogynt's S3 Connectors
    1. Configuring S3 Connectors
    2. Managing S3 Connectors
  4. Using Activity Monitor


Any data uploaded to Kafka requires a project with a deployment target.

Project creation occurs in Authoring. For more information, refer to creating and opening projects in the Cogynt Authoring User Guide.

A deployment target is defined within a project, and contains information on connection strings for all data sources referenced in a given project, such as Kafka and other JDBC databases. For more information, refer to Deployment Targets in the Cogynt Authoring User Guide.


Setup for an Apache Flink cluster occurs during the Cogynt installation process, and is not part of the deployment target. If this information is unavailable, contact your system administrator, or reach out to Cogility Support (help[at]

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