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Version: 2.13.X

Analyzing Geo Data with the Interactive Map

The Interactive Map widget can plot individual events, notifications, or a stream of events or notifications.

To use the widget, events from Authoring/HCEP must contain geo-data using at least one of the following formats:

  • Geo Coordinate
  • Geo Polygon

Interactive Map Modes

The Interactive Map widget utilizes two modes depending on how an object has been dragged into it.

The two modes consist of:

  1. Manual mode, which manually plots specific individual events or notifications.
  2. Streaming mode, which connects the map to an event stream that is live updated as new events occur that match the stream filter.

Manual Mode

Dragging an event or notification into the map widget displays any geodata and plots the location of that event within the map. An event can come from:

  • Events Stream widgets.
  • Notification and Notifications Explorer widgets.
  • Attached items in a collection.


The Events Stream widget is the only source for streaming events to an Interactive Map.

Working with Map Markers

Manual mode users will notice events and notifications displayed as geocoordinates or polygons, represented by colored map markers. These markers are customizable event decorations that can help emphasize or differentiate event types.

Markers are:

  • Plotted to exact coordinates as necessary.
  • Color-coded by event type.

Markers also contain more detail in a small popup.

To access additional details from map markers:

  1. From an open view containing a Map widget with at least one event plotted, locate a map marker.
  2. Click the map marker, a new pop up opens. This popup contains:
    • The primary title of the event.
    • The color associated with the marker.
    • The icon associated with the marker.
    • Small gray circles that represent event data fields. Hover over a circle to see the value displayed (excluding geodata).
    • A link to Send This Event To an open instance of Object Details Viewer. If no Object Details Viewer instance is open, this link does nothing.

Globe View

The view can be switched from 2D Map to 3D globe at will, which visualizes intensity based on the height and color of geo markers. Globe view is accessible for both Manual and Streaming mode.


Globe view does not utilize any settings defined when utilizing map streaming.

To switch to globe mode:

  1. From an open view, on the right side of an open map widget, click the globe icon. The widget changes to display a three dimensional globe.

  2. Locate the controls icon on the right side of the globe view. Enable Interactive Mode with this icon.

    • Left click and drag to rotate the globe manually.

    • Scroll the mouse wheel up to zoom in or down to zoom out.


      Controls mode disables the globe's rotation animation.

  3. If Interactive Mode is enabled, at the right of the map widget, click the Play icon to return to globe view. Otherwise, proceed to step 4.


    In interactive mode, hover over a cluster of events to view a pop up containing the count for that cluster.

  4. On the right side of a map widget in globe view, click the globe icon to return the map to a 2D space.

Count Geo Items Plotted

The Interactive Map plots all available geo-coordinates, and it is possible to review this count.

To review the count of geo items plotted:

  1. From an open view, at the bottom left of an open map widget, locate the display of Geo items. The count displays # Geo Items.
  2. The count changes as geo items are plotted to the map. The count decreases as geo items are removed.
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