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Version: 2.13.X

Using Object Details Viewer

Object Details Viewer widgets are fundamental to analysis and exploration in Workstation. Workflows commonly include multiple views, each with multiple instances of Object Details Viewer, and Events Stream or Event Notifications widgets that identify important events for inspection.


Object Details Viewer fields and properties change based on the object placed inside.

Dragging Objects into Object Details Viewer

Once Object Details Viewer is added to a View, right-click on an object's drag icon and select Send to Object Details Viewer or drag the object to render different data fields or visualizations.


The right-click context menu is also useful for sending an event directly to a specific Object Details Viewer widget based on its widget name.

Click the 'Drilldown’ tab to view a Drilldown chart for an event (if applicable).

Drag any of the following objects into the Object Details Viewer to view its details:

EventsDisplay event details of an event, with access to optional event detail templates. Some manual actions are also possible. Event Details Viewer shows the Event tab containing all event details, and a Collections tab that shows a count and link to all collections the event is assigned to.
Event Notifications > View the details of this notificationDisplays the event notification object to assign it a priority, to a specific user, or attach a system tag.
Event Notifications > View the details of this notification's eventDisplays the most recent data available on the event that is tied to the notification.
CollectionsDisplays collection details. Edit or conduct assessment tasks as needed. Collections Details Viewer has a Collections tab containing all collection contents, as well as a Custom Fields tab and an Items tab with any events attached to the collection.
Drilldown Events or SolutionsView the meta data available on a drilldown event or solution.


Use an Event Detail Template to view an alternative layout of an event's details.

Clearing Object Details Viewer

To return the Object Details Viewer to an empty state, at the top of the widget, click Click to clear the item.

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