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Version: 2.13.X

Analyzing Event History

The Event History widget renders a table containing the historical versions of an event, while Risk History plots how risk_score has changed for the event over time.

Drag an event into either widget to view the data associated with it.

Reviewing Event History

The Event History widget is useful for reviewing how an event's fields or attributes have changed over time, such as changes of address, additional data added to events, and so on. Changes to an event are listed in reverse chronological order, and cells highlighted in brighter colors represent how values have changed from their previous value.

To review the history of events, drag an event into the Event History widget:

  1. At the top of the widget:
    1. Click Newest to pull newly generated rows for the current event.
    2. Click More to display historical rows beyond the initial limit of 100.
    3. Click Show Columns to select columns to hide or show. Hidden (unchecked) columns do not persist when a view reloads.
  2. At the top right side of the widget, click Download to export and download the current table into CSV format.

Reviewing Risk History

The Risk History widget charts an event’s risk over time as a line/scatter graph.

Once an event or event notification is dragged into the risk history widget, it displays:

  • Risk level plotted over time,
    • The x-axis represents time elapsed.
    • The y-axis represents risk updates by date.
    • Longer elapsed periods are farther apart, and shorter periods are closer together.
    • Multiple risk bubbles can represent events undergoing multiple changes in risk level within a single day.
  • All risk points are color coded. The most severe risks are red, followed by orange, yellow or gray.
  • Hovering over each risk bubble displays a popup menu with a readout of the date and risk level.


The Risk history widget will not display a graph if risk_score is not available for the event.

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