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Version: 2.13.X

Filtering Collections

Collections can contain custom fields and identifiable details used for searching and narrowing results that can number in the thousands or tens of thousands. Filters, visible at the top of the collections widget, exclude results that do not fit the user-defined criteria.


Paginated results returned include up to 100 collections per page.

Applying Filters

Filters applied to collections can fine tune results and exclude irrelevant or archived collections.

To filter the collections widget:

  1. At the top right side of an open Collections widget, click the filter button.
  2. Select the desired filter filter:
    • Date dropdown menu filters based on the selected Time interval:
      • Created At filters by timestamp of creation date.
      • Updated At filters by timestamp of last update date.
    • Sort by includes options to sort by title, created at, priority, assigned to, and primary tag. Change Order as follows:
      • ASC sorts by ascending order.
      • DESC sorts by descending order.
    • Tag filters collections by collection or system tag.
    • Assign to filters collections assigned to the selected user or by the current user (me).
    • Participants filters collections where the selected user is a participant.
    • Status filters collections by active or archived status.
    • Custom Fields filters collections that include the selected custom field(s).
    • Text Search filters collections by name, description, or any plain text custom field values matching the search term.
  3. Click Apply Filters. The filter window closes, and the filter is applied.

Resetting Filters

If needed, filtered Collections widgets can be reset to their default state from the filter dropdown.

To reset filters:

  1. At the top right side of an open Collections widget, click the filter button.
  2. At the bottom of the filter dropdown, click Reset to Defaults. All filters reset.
  3. Click Apply Filters to return the collections widget to its default state.
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