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Version: 2.13.X

System Notifications

System notifications inform Workstation users of changes made to collections or event notifications.

It's possible to view these notifications in greater detail, and customize which system notifications trigger.

Viewing System Notifications

In the bottom of the left side drawer of any Workstation view, click the bell icon to view all system notifications.

A small red circle contains the current count of system notifications available.

System notifications display as cards. Cards contain:

  • Why the system notification was issued.
  • A brief description of the notification.
  • A timestamp of the notification's occurrence.

At the right of any notification, click X to dismiss it.

At the top right side of the system notification panel, click the DISMISS button to dismiss all notifications at once.

At the top left of the system notifications panel, click DISMISSED to view dismissed notifications.


A paginated list of dismissed notifications stored is available in the DISMISSED tab. Dismissed system notifications, as well as Active notifications are automatically removed after 30 days of dismissal date or creation date, respectively.

Once triggered, drag any system notification onto object details viewer to view more details about it.

Triggering System Notifications For Collections

The following triggers generate a system notification from collections, but can be toggled on or off:

  • Collections with an ‘Assigned User’.
  • A change has been made to a collection's priority.
  • A change in status (Active or Archived) occurs for a collection.
  • A collection's name changes.
  • A collection's description changes.
  • A collection's primary tag changes, including any additional (system) tag changes.

A specific user tagged on a note in a collection will also receive a system notification.

Triggering System Notifications For Event Notifications

The following triggers generate a system notification from event notifications, but can be toggled on or off:

Setting System Notification Preferences

System notifications for certain desired actions can be toggled as needed:

  1. At the left side of the navigation bar, click the User icon. The Account Info & Settings panel opens.
  2. In the panel, expand either the collections or notifications section to view a list of the available actions to trigger system notifications.
  3. Check an action to enable or uncheck it to disable system notifications. Unchecking an action also prevents it from issuing further system notifications.
  4. Click Update Settings when finished, or Cancel to discard the changes.
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