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Version: 2.13.X

Collection Data and Style Blocks

The following tables detail all the blocks available for building reports in Report Builder design mode.

Design Elements

Design blocks are used to style and build reports. These block types contain text, add spacing, render tables, create lists, and generally provide structure to reports.

Design ElementsOutput
PageCreates a blank page. Depending on whether the block is dragged above or below all elements, the page is created before or after the current page.
Absolute BlockA large container. Can be used for spacing and resized as needed, or can contain text or collection data fields.
Two and Three ColumnCreates a two or three column block that expands as text or collection data is added to it.
Table w/ HeaderA multi-celled table (6 columns and 4 rows by default).
Table w/ Vertical HeaderA multi-celled table (7 columns and 4 rows by default), where the first vertical row is also considered a table header.
HeadlineA component that inserts a headline, technically rendering as a "Heading 1".
SectionAdd a section to document additional details, add commentary, or generally separate ideas.
ParagraphAdd a new paragraph block. Normally inserted in other blocks to create uniform reports.
TextA basic text block functionally similar to the paragraph block above. Can be inserted within other blocks.
Ordered/Unordered ListAn ordered or unordered list of items contained within a single block.
Block QuoteInserts an indented text block for quotes, notes, or elements of a report that should receive particular attention.

Collection Data

Collection data populates fields in a report with specific values that correspond to the collection. These values can include items such as the time a collection was created, the collection's name (usually the name of the subject), and more details pulled dynamically from the collection.

Collection DataOutput
Title, Priority, Description IDOutputs the text values for each of these fields.
Created At, Updated AtRenders the time the collection was created and last updated in the local time zone of the person/device generating the report.
StatusOutputs the text value of the collection system status between active and archived.
Primary TagOutputs the text value of the collection primary tag.
Additional TagsOutputs a bulleted list in which each bullet is an additional tag that is associated with the collection. A collection can have one or multiple additional tags.
AssigneeOutputs the first and last name of the assigned user as text.
ParticipantsOutputs a bulleted list of the first and last name of any user(s) associated as participants on the collection.
Attached EventsFor each attached event, a brief description of the event is listed (title, created at, updated at, risk score, ID, and type) along with a table that displays the event detail fields and values available on the event. (Note: Does not display geo data.)
NotesFor each note on the collection, each note outputs the author (first and last name), the time the note was provided (in the exporter's local time zone), and the content of the note. Any notes that are in-thread replies are shown as nested children. (Note: A note with a tagged user currently outputs the User ID.) TBD Comments with tagged users will now show the user name instead of user ID on any exported reports.
Custom FieldsOutputs a bulleted list of the first and last name of any user(s) associated as participants on the collection.
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