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Version: 2.13.X

Creating Event Decorations

Event decorations allow creation of global styling that applies to event types. These decorations impact how events appear across several Workstation widgets, including:

Event decorations are created in the Workstation Designer tab.

To create event decorations:

  1. From the top of the Workstation homepage, click the Designer tab.

  2. In the left side drawer of the Designer tab, click the Events icon. A list of event types appear.


    If no events appear, active filters applied to the Event Decorations table may be filtering them.

  3. To the right of an event, click the pencil icon (✎) to open a modal popup containing three values to be altered as part of the event's decoration. Refer to the following table for a description of each field:

Primary TitlePick one or multiple fields from the event type to use as the event's primary title. Multiple fields will be concatenated.
ColorVisualize representations of the event type with a specific color.
Icon/ImageVisualize representations of the event type with a specific icon or image. Icons will appear in Link Analysis, in the Map widget, and on events attached to collections


Changes to any field affect the following:

  • Events attached to collections
  • Link Analysis nodes
  • Popups from map widget markers

Primary Title also affects Attached Events on collection PDF exports.

Event types that do not utilize event decorations default to a white/gray color, a generic icon, and the Core ID or event type name as the primary title.

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