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Version: 2.13.X

Using Model Documentation

Cogynt has model documentation features that compile and organize all information contained in a project into a single document.

Cogynt's model documentation capabilities serve as a means to generate official documentation for archival or circulation within an organization. (The document can be automatically formatted to be exported as a PDF.) The document is broken down into sections, including:

  • A full table of contents.
  • Print screens of the hierarchical view, patterns, and computations.
  • Detailed configurations and values as provided in Authoring.

Cogynt's self-documenting features can be especially useful when combined with model documentations. You can improve the readability of both the model and its documents by:

  • Creating clear, descriptive names.
  • Filling out description fields with as much relevant information as possible.

When backing up a model, it may be desirable to generate a model document with each new updated version for easier traceability.

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