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Version: 2.13.X

Using Computations

This section outlines ways to work more effectively with computations.

Naming Fields Strategically

The importance of succinct, descriptive, and unambiguous names has already been stressed in previous sections. Field names are no exception to this principle.

When creating a user data schema, make sure field names are easily readable and understandable. Minimize the use of acronyms and stay consistent with naming conventions throughout the project.


Imagine that you have a field that represents an individual's phone number. The field is named cell phone in your source data.

Exercise discipline and stick with the same field name to express it throughout all user data schemas. Refrain from using variations (such as cell, phone number, cell num, etc.), even if the variation may seem obvious at the time.

This approach reduces mental strain and ambiguity when viewing the computation screen. In addition, any field names that may have similar meanings can then be safely considered distinct.

Collapsing Fields When Finished

Once computations have been finalized, declutter the computation screen by using the collapse feature on each event type element. It hides all unused fields from view, improving readability.

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