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Version: 2.12.X

Cogynt v2.12 Release Notes

Cogility is delighted to announce that Cogynt version 2.12 is generally available for AWS customers as of December 2023. Please see what's new below.

If you'd like more information, or want to have your Cogynt instance updated, please contact us.

Data Management Tool

  • Removed support for Geo JSON and array data types in S3 connector builder.
  • Removed support to overwrite topic upon publishing records to Kafka via the Manual Entry and File Upload features.

Authoring Tool

Custom Deployment Timestamp

Users can now choose to deploy their Flink jobs starting from a specific timestamp, referencing either the timestamp in the data or the local time.

Deployment UI Update

The deployment configuration page now organizes different logical sections and configurations in different tabs for improved workflow.

Time-to-Live (TTL)

TTL can now be applied to input records that have matched a pattern, in addition to the original capability of applying only to input records that do not match.

Minor UI Improvements

  • Right-click various elements in the pattern view to set partitions, TTL, batch output, and windowing.
  • Users no longer need to switch attention to and from the inspect panel and the pattern to configure patterns. This is especially useful for users with wide screens.
  • Updated splash page with better context communication with licensing status errors.

Performance Optimization

Improved data and file integrity, error communication, loading times, and swifter UI response.


  • Support migration from ElasticSearch to OpenSearch.
  • Other bug fixes and minor enhancements.


Dynamic Me Filters

The Notifications, Notifications Explorer, and Collections widget now have a "Me" setting added for the "Users" and "Participants" (if applicable) filters, which allows for more effective templates. This filters the appropriate objects for the specific user on the view instead of a hardcoded user.

  • Added an option to remove nodes (both entities and linkages) of specific event types. This is found in a node's right-click context menu.
  • BETA: Added an early beta implementation of Query by Relationship to link analysis. This allows users to selectively query the next level of connections on a link chart by event type.

Event Notification Cards

Hovering over the icons on an event notification card now shows more information.


Moved the ability to select an event detail template on an ODV directly onto the Details Viewer portion of an event. The selection persists per event type per ODV widget.


  • Added a cron job to help resolve an edge case where creating new custom field templates at high collection counts can fail to be applied to some collections if the initial task fails.
  • Improved the experience of creating custom field templates when there are a high number of collections in the system. Custom fields on collections are shown as "disabled" until the system is ready for the user to provide input.

Report Builder

  • The previous Report Builder > Collection Report has been renamed to Basic Collection Builder.
  • Added a new Advanced Collection Builder type for users to build customized and detailed report templates in Microsoft Word. These templates are uploaded to Report Builder.
  • Added an Export to docx template export option to collections. This is for rapid testing/iteration of Advanced Collection Builder templates. This is only accessible by users with access to Collection Export and Report Builder.
  • Enhanced Report Builder so that exports of empty values show as "n/a" instead of empty space.

Custom Fields

  • Users can now change a Text custom field to Rich Text (but not vice-versa).
  • Users can now change a Select custom field to Checkbox (but not vice-versa).
  • Custom field keys have been added in the Edit mode of a custom field template. These keys are used for the Advanced Collection Builder report export.


  • Over 2000 icons have been added to Workstation.
  • Event Definition keys have been added in the Admin screen's Ingestion Settings table. This is accessed by clicking the Options button for any event type and selecting View Event Definition. The keys that are displayed are meant to be used with the Advanced Collection Builder Report export.

User Management

  • Renamed the Users > Account Delete permission to Users > Account Status.
  • Users that have Users > Account Status permissions can now "Deactivate" users. This allows administrators to remove access to Cogynt without deleting an account.

Known Issues


The Custom Start Timestamp event type dropdown menu contains internal event types, which should not be used.


  • In some situations, clicking the checkmark button after editing a widget's name may not register a mouse-click. A workaround to this is to press ENTER to submit your change.
  • The sort logic for Ascending and Descending order for the Tag option in the Notifications Explorer widget is inverted.
  • Re-ordering a custom field's field template group below another group that contains no child rows does not work.
  • In some circumstances, a retracted pattern solution on the Drilldown widget may change color between blue and gray. Retracted pattern solutions are intended to always be gray.
  • There are rare situations in which the Drilldown widget may show outdated information for an event. If this happens, perform a reset to force the re-ingestion of Drilldown data.
  • After performing Dev Delete in Workstation, the list of projects in the project dropdown in the Admin screen may display incorrectly until after refreshing Workstation. In some situations, a deleted project may still appear until another deployment in Authoring is performed.

User Management

When editing your own user account, the Update button may move past the visible area. A workaround is to use the TAB key to access the button.

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