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Version: 2.11.X

Uploading Data Files to Cogynt

Cogynt's Data Management Tool allows manually uploading JSON or CSV files into Kafka.


See the data file prerequisites to review the requirements before beginning the upload process.

To upload a JSON or CSV file:

  1. Visit your organization's Cogynt Data Management Tool application.
  2. On the landing page, click Data File Upload.
  3. From the Select Project dropdown menu, select an existing project.
  4. Define the destination for your data by choosing either of these two options:
    • From the Select Event Type dropdown menu, select an event type related to the previously selected project in step 3. Cogynt's Data Management Tool publishes the data to the topic that is defined in the event type settings from Authoring.
      • This option also performs schema data validation, highlighting all values in the sampled data that do not match the datatype required for the event type.
      • The tool selectively picks fields in the files that match the path names defined in the event type, providing a customized data validation experience.
    • From the Select Topic dropdown menu, select an existing topic, or create a new topic.
  5. From the Select Deployment Target dropdown menu, select an existing deployment target.
  6. Click Data File to browse for and select your JSON file, or drag your JSON file to the Data File space.
  7. Beneath the Data File space, review the preview of data to upload into Kafka.
  8. Check the Replace existing topic? box if the topic should replace an existing topic.
  9. Click Upload to upload the JSON file. A confirmation modal containing a sample of the record file appears.
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