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Version: 2.10.X

Monitoring Deployments

Monitoring is not a part of Cogynt Authoring. However, the Deployment Management utility provides a summary report of deployment statuses and links to Flink consoles in its Deployments screen.

A Cogynt license includes access to Apache Superset for data visualization, but users may opt to use their preferred third-party application instead.

Viewing Deployment Statuses

The Deployment Management utility shows the status of all deployments. Deployments may have any of the following statuses:

  • NotDeployed – The deployment is not yet deployed. The system has no further information about the deployment.
  • Running – The deployment is active and operational.
  • Paused – The deployment has been paused, halting its operation.
  • Error – Something has gone wrong with the deployment. For more information, see Checking for Consistency and Errors.
  • Creating – The system is initiating the deployment and requesting the appropriate resources for it.
  • Idle – The deployment is not yet running, but the main Flink pod for the deployment has been created.
  • Pausing – The deployment is in the process of being paused.
  • Resuming – The deployment is preparing to run again after being paused.

Detailed information about deployments can be found on the Apache Flink dashboard. To access the dashboard, click the Flink Cluster link for the appropriate deployment.

For more information about the Apache Flink dashboard, refer to the official Apache Flink documentation.

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